Lead Designer at WCRS | ENGINE Group and Founder & Creative Director of Chrom-Art SE

I'm a Senior Designer with more than 15 years of experience in both digital and traditional communication & media and highly qualified in branding as well as very passionated with photography. Experienced on taking responsibilities such as concept development, art direction and even final delivery in big projects.

I'm pleased to have worked for major clients such as Sky, Warburtons, NowTV, Gillette and many more. Although what I'm really enjoying at the moment is being the Brand Guardian of big brands like Santander and B&Q within the UK. Since 2014 I'm happily working as Lead Designer at WCRS (part of The ENGINE Group) in Central London, focused on providing brands with great work people care about. Working here is not only rewarding, it's a complete joy.

One of my biggest projects within WCRS has been not only the re-branding of the London Cycle Hire scheme (Santander Cycles) but also creating the innovative designs of some of the London's more representative landmarks, featured on all of 12,500+ bikes. Although the project I'm more proud of is the Pride in London #NOFILTER campaign. Not only for creating an asset for such a wonderful message that has been shared thousands of times in social media but also for being part of the freedom-filled message in the TV ad with well-known names like Ian McKellen or Graham Norton.

In my spare time, I volunteer for the London-based Social Enterprise Chrom-Art.org by promoting emerging artists and connecting art lovers worldwide. As the Creative Director and one of the Founders as well, my work here is not only managing operations and the team but also being in charge of the PR & Communication departments, the Volunteering program, and also helping organising art exhibitions and like the yearly international art fair called TRIBE, with more than 120 artists involved and 4,500+ visitors in its latest edition #TRIBE16.

Colleagues know me as a highly creative, happy person who's pretty up-to-date with the trends on design and tech, who can always be trusted on work. Always up to bring ideas to the table as well as to work hard when needed. Supportive, proactive and easy to deal with, very energetic and optimistic in life.

Please, use the form below to send me a message. Feedback will be really appreciated. Do not hesitate to ask me anything you want, I'll reply you shortly.