Twisted Lines is a collection of pieces representing buildings and monuments around the world. As I keep creating more of them, will keep showing them throughout shows or different events. Originally thought to be printed on vinyl, the whole series is using now different materials.

It was born in 2015 with the design of the landmarks for the Boris Bikes (the London cycle scheme, the Santander Cycles). They are always shown in couples, one old landmark with a new landmark, as you can see now in any of the 6 different designs in all 12,500 cycles along the city, upon the end of the sponsorship.

A while after I decide to continue the collection in a personal way, with new buildings every year and offer their prints on sale.

The OXO Tower was chosen to be the main image of the International Art Festival TRIBE17 that I was part of to present the idea. OXO Tower was then featured in the Time Out and it appeared for a week in the OOH Billboard placed south of the Waterloo Bridge, by the National Theatre. The show took place in October 2017 in the Bargehouse (OXO Tower Wharf) with 120+ artists represented and more than 7,500 visitors along the four days.

In September 2017 I presented the series with new artworks in my solo show at RB12 Showroom in Shoreditch (East London), where I started to use a new material, the leather skin, as the canvas.

All A1-sized prints are on sale in a limited edition of 10. Other special editions available now.